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The inhand platform integrates sampling into your marketing & communication channels. The result? Helping hyper targeted consumers to get your brand in their hands!

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Bridge the gap between advertising & trial.
There is often a time gap between an advertising message and an opportunity to purchase. Inhand closes this gap by inserting an immediate ‘try before you buy’ opportunity.
Build brand advocacy.
Proactively enabling consumer to trial and review your brand anytime or anywhere is key to enhancing experience and driving authentic brand advocacy.
Drive long
term sales.
The inhand platform follows up with incentives that will help drive future sales and product consumption. These include physical and digital money off coupon and links to online stores where the product can be purchased.
Increase media
Add inhand to your existing advertising and brand communication channels. This will help them to work harder while also increasing marketing attribution i.e. what channels deliver the most impact when it comes to driving product trial and subsequent purchase.

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